Enhance Your Wedding Video and Your Wedding Day Experience

Select from these Additional Features and Services


Begin your wedding video by saying something special about the two of you, your love and your relationship. Consider one of the options offered below as a prelude to the actual coverage of your wedding day.  These montages and video shorts can also be produced in advance to be shared with your guests on your wedding day.

Photo Montage

Photo montage is comprised of pictures you provide from birth through courtship.  Set to the music of your choice and enhanced with graphic text and digital transitions, this photo montage captures two separate lives that come together as one. Parents love this feature.
- $3/photo, $10/song.


A tribute to the special relationship between a daughter and the Father of the Bride.  We will take photos of daughter and dad and make a montage set to the song you two will dance to on the wedding day.  Not only will this make a special segment in your video, but it can also be projected in the background at the reception during the Father – Daughter dance.  Tissues not included.  Of course this is also available for the groom and his mom.
- $3/photo, $10/song.


A Concept Video is a scripted video with a story tell.  Something about the two of you, or your family or bridal party.  It could be about how you met, or how the proposal went down; something that will touch hearts.  Or it could be a music video that simply puts a grin on your guests’ faces.  Serious or satirical, romantic or edgy, it’s an opportunity to enlighten, entertain, possibly enrich and surely entertain your guests.  We can be dramatic or whimsical, we can spoof or mock you pick whatever style that best suits your personalities and tastes.  The master storytellers here at The Emotion Picture Studio will work with you to produce a compelling video that will not only be all the rage with your guests but also cherished for generations.
Prices Vary based on Scope.


Once we have created one of the Montages or Videos described above, we can provide the technology to share them with your guests at your rehearsal or reception.
Prices Vary based on Scope.


Your full length Wedding Video is produced to be a comprehensive account of your day, rich with detail and full of action.  It is intended to be Cinematic in form and Documentary in function. This long form video is designed with your satisfaction in mind but will probably be too long for friends to appreciate.  The Recap Options listed below are short accounts of your day creatively prepared to show the highlights of the day in an artistic and entertaining fashion. The Recap of your choice will be the video your friends and family will really enjoy.  Beautiful, even breathtaking, they will be swept up by the mood and feeling exposed by the artful expression of the day’s most outstanding moments set to the music of your choice. 

Recap 1 - This Recap focuses on the two of you and portrays you and your wedding day experience in a romantic, music video fashion. A Recap is a great way to end the coverage of your day and conclude your wedding video with a touch of class.  One Song Long.
- $300

Recap 2 - Certain moments of your day will stand out and deserve a second look. This Recap is a collection of the highlights and elements that best portray the most outstanding moments of your day. This beautifully crafted version of your wedding experience will be everyone’s favorite feature of your video. Two Songs Long.
- $600

Recap 3 - Is really a second version of your day altogether different than your full-length video. This Recap not only shows the two of you and your experience, it also features your wedding party members and your family as well.  In addition to musical backgrounds, actual audio of those special words spoken will be included. No one will ever use the ‘Skip’ button on the DVD player when watching this highly stylized montage of images and sounds.  Everyone is a star in this video, your Bridal Party members, family & friends. Up to Three Songs Long mixed with actual audio.
- $900

Honeymoon Highlights - Add the memories of your honeymoon to your wedding video.  Incorporate photographs and even video from your trip with the music of your choice to create an entertaining account of your first days as newlyweds.
- $3/photo, $10/song

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