The Producers

For over two decades we have enjoyed providing videography for families celebrating a wedding or other personal event. We have a passion for people and life and all moments memorable. We believe that if an event is worth remembering it is worth recording, and that these recorded moments will become the legacy of our lifetimes. A legacy of a family being created, a child being born, a goal achieved. These milestones define our lives and become part of a heritage that will be valuable and cherished by your children, and their children. So yes, we love what we do and we seem to draw clients that love these same values too.

Marc Lehman and Lorelei Ashley began producing wedding videography at the inception of the industry in the mid 1980s.  Their daughter Jessica grew up watching wedding videos being produced and has been shooting and editing as part of the team for 8 years.

In 1990 Mike and Cheri Wilson brought their talent and passion to the company.  Collectively we have produced to date, over 3,500 wedding videos for brides and grooms just like you.

Ashley Video Productions is a San Diego wedding video production company that is recognized nationally as a leader in the field and in many ways has helped set the standard for exceptional videography.

We have always dedicated our production efforts to wedding videography and our popularity has been based on the standards we have set for ourselves; the value we offer, the service we provide and the quality we produce.

Call to see a detailed example of our work and discover why we are known as, The Emotion Picture Studio.